Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax Implications Concerning Mineral and Natural Gas Interests

Many Pennsylvania landowners are receiving royalties relating to natural gas leases.  That revenue stream may be subject to tax implications.  Likewise, an estate that owns natural gas rights must determine the Pennsylvania inheritance tax implications of the rights and any related natural gas lease.  The Marcellus shale exploration boom brought with it many questions pertaining […]

“The New Gas Law” – How Does Act 13 of 2012 Affect Landowners?

In representing landowners in oil and gas lease negotiations and transactions throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, we are mindful of how changes in state law can affect our clients’ interests.  House Bill 1950 was recently passed and signed into law by Governor Corbett in February of 2012.  This legislation is formally known as The Act Amending Title 59 […]

Oil and Gas Leasing – How Landowners in “Wet” Gas Areas are Making a “Splash” with Gas Operators

In representing landowners in oil and gas lease negotiations throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, it is apparent that there has been significant slowing in gas leasing and exploration activity in many areas of the region.  In one recent instance, a gas operator even withdrew offers relating to proposed oil and gas leases for several clients of ours […]